Neuroeconomics Laboratory: Actualités

– Dec 2018-January 2019: New papers published in elife and Brain make the cover of the journals

– June 2018: New papers published in SCAN and Cerebral Cortex.

– Juin 2017: L’influence de l’opinion d’autrui sur nos décisions au sein d’un groupe. Highlight on the CNRS Biological Science Institut: Disponible ici.

– Avril 2017: La réponse du cerveau face aux individus dominants prédit le rapport aux inégalités sociales. Highlight on the CNRS Biological Science Institut: Disponible ici.

– Nouveau livre: Decision Decision book (Academic Press), Nov. 2016′. Disponible ici.

– HWK workshop on Decision Neuroscience in humans (June 6-8, 2016), Germany:

– November 2015: Intracranial EEG study on uncertainty coding in the human orbitofrontal cortex accepted in ‘Brain’

– Jean-Claude Dreher gives a TEDx talk:

– November 14, 2014: Jean-Claude Dreher gives a talk at the first European Symposium of Neuropsychology in Porto.

– November 18, 2014: Seongmin Park gives a talk at the Society for Neuroscience: ‘Subjective confidence in one’s decision and group size effect during group decisions’

– September 2014: Hormonal Treatment Increases the Response of the Reward System at the Menopause Transition: a Counterbalanced Randomized Placebo-controlled fMRI study.  Highlight on the CNRS Biological Science Institut:

– TV report: ‘Trading mind’: dans la tête d’un trader, Gédéon programmes (Doc Land Yard) on ‘Encyclo’ TV channel, with J-C Dreher

– January 28, 2014 : Public conference on pathological gambling at the Cité des Sciences (Paris) from R. Ligneul and G. Sescousse

– January 16, 2014: Talk from J-C Dreher on pathological gambling and the brain at the international multidisciplinary symposium on excessive gambling in Neuchâtel (Switzerland):

– January 2014 : France Inter (radio). Special broadcasting of ‘La tête au carré’ on the acceleration of rythms of life (in french)

– January-February 2014 : Special Issue on the effect of the feeling of lack of time on the brain from ‘Cerveau et Psycho’, article from J-C Dreher on ‘Quand le cerveau ne sait plus attendre’

– November-December 2013 : Special Issue on addiction from ‘Cerveau et Psycho’, article from R. Ligneul, G Sescousse and J-C Dreher

– November 2013, Press conference of Romain Ligneul at SFN on social status and brain activity :

– November 2013, Press conference of Guillaume Sescousse at SFN on pathological gambling and recent neuroimaging findings :