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Caldú, X., Ottino, J., Sánchez-Garre, C., Hernan, I., Tor, C., Sender-Palacios, M.J., Dreher, J.-C., Garolera, M., & Jurado, M.A.

Effect of the catechol-O-methyltransferase Val 158Met polymorphism on theory of mind in obesity

European Eating Disorders Review. 2019.

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Girard R, Obeso I, Thobois S, Park SA, Vidal T, Favre E, Ulla M, Broussolle E, Krack P, Durif F, Dreher JC

Wait and you shall see: sexual delay discounting in hypersexual Parkinson's disease

Brain. 2019 Jan 1;142(1):146-162

Prange S, Danaila T, Laurencin C, Caire C, Metereau E, Merle H, Broussolle E, Maucort-Boulch D, Thobois S.

Age and time course of long-term motor and nonmotor complications in Parkinson disease

Neurology. 2019 Jan 8;92(2):e148-e160

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Beuriat, P.A., Paulus, C., Grassiot, B., Szathmari, A., and Mottolese, C

Cranial vault expansion with the split bone flap technique in shunt-related craniosynostosis

Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac 116, 239-244, 2015

Beuriat, P.A., Javouhey, E., Szathmari, A., Courtil-Tesseydre, S., Desgranges, F.P., Grassiot, B., Hequet, O., and Mottolese, C

Decompressive craniectomy in the treatment of post-traumatic intracranial hypertension in children

J Neurosurg Sci 59, 405-428, 2015

Beuriat, P.A., Poirot, I., Hameury, F., Szathmari, A., Rousselle, C., Sabatier, I., di Rocco, F., and Mottolese, C

Postnatal Management of Myelomeningocele

World Neurosurg 110, e24-e31, 2018

Nijhof, A., Bardi, L., Brass, M., & Wiersema. R.

Brain activity for spontaneous and explicit mentalizing in adults with autism spectrum disorder: an fMRI study

NeuroImage: Clinical, 18, 475-484, 2018

Genschow, O., Bardi, L., & Brass, M

Anticipating actions and corticospinal excitability: a pre-registered motor TMS experiment

Cortex, 106, 81-92, 2018

Bardi, L., Desmet, C., & Brass, M.

Spontaneous Theory of Mind is reduced for non-human agents as compared to human-like agents

Psychological Research (in press)

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